Elite Carding! The Australian way to do it!!!!!


 In this file, i will try to explain the REAL way to card, and the way that

will bring you REAL results. These methods have worked for me and as a result

i have managed to aquire some things that i have always wanted. 



 The best and most effective way to obtain cards is by ’trashing’. Now, ive

access to some good supplies to cards, but you must remember that sooner or

later, they will figure this out and bust your mutherfucking ass.

 The best time to go trashing is on a friday or a saturday night, ive found

that the best areas are places that have older style shopping stores, with

laneways at the back, the newer complexes like westfields etc are really shit

as they just throw ALL the garbage in the one big dumpster. Arm yourself with a

few little tools, like screwdrivers, torch, backpack and a good warm coat, be

ready to have some kick ass fun. The best time is about say 10pm-1am, just go

with some of your mates and walk behind the stores and just choose the stores

that take credit cards etc, like electronic stores, clothes stores etc , the

nicest are florists, as everything is smelling nice.

 Sift through the rubbish, if it is food scraps , leave it, anyone can do

without that kind of hassle. Look for the carbon slips, unfortunately, or

should i say fortunatley for Us, most places are to dumb and dont ripp them up

yet, as they are supposed to.

 Be careful to watch out for the police and security patrols, most of the time

you can make up a shit excuse, but if they search your bag and find the

carbons, your FUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 When you get back home, after paying a stupid taxi driver coz all the fucking

trains stopped operating at 1am (fuck the stoopid SRA!!), read the carbons and

take down the important information, DONT throw these carbons out with your

normal trash, or you could end up getting busted that way, its a low chance,

but a chance none the other!! Now as you know, in australia, we have Bankcards,

Mastercards and Visacards, American Express is not that popular and more risky

to use. the folling table illustrates the popular card types...

 56xx xxxx xxxx xxxx : Bankcards (5610 5353 is C-Wealth Bank)

 5353 xxxx xxxx xxxx : Mastercards

 45xx xxxx xxxx xxxx : Visacards (note to check for GOLD cards

 that begin with 4966 AND have a

 small PV (PremiumVisa) on them)

 3760 xxxxx xxx : American Express

 At this point you are ready to make your order.



 To order, you must choose a house that is vacant, this can also be a house a

which has people that work and are not home during the day. First TYPE some

bullshitty crap letter about that you are a company and fucked up and if the

people could just leave the goods at the front door, ill leave it up to you to

think up some little scheme and idea, its basically simple though.

 Next just ring up and make your order, if they ask you for a phone number,

tell them that you are a worker on call and cannot be contacted during the day,

give them a bullshit number and say that they can ring you after 7pm , most of

the time they will never worry. Order the goods to the house by COURIER, and

check it every day in the afternoon about 2pm. If you see the parcel, get it ,

if you dont, dont worry and try again with another card and another company,

obviously your order screwed up.



 * Dont choose a house that is in an area close to you, they will eventually

 bust you if you do, these guys are not dumb.

 * Never keep any aspect of your carding constant, never use the same company,

 never go for the same types of goods, dont screw up etc and dont do anything


 * Checking the credit on the cards at the moment is a bit difficult, the

 easiest thing to do is too just chance it, but this isnt good, a better way,

 and the way i currently use, is to phone up the person and make some bullshit

 about that your from the bank etc and generally you can find their d.o.b and

 credit limit, calling up the bank with these details will allow you to find

 the current balance on the card, or you can just bullshit the person via many

 different ways, ie say that they made purchase and that the card is invalid,

 and they will say ’what the hell??’ and say ’what remaining credit did you

 assume you had?’ and you can fuck them up in that way.

 * Remember one thing , dont keep all of the stuff you card, sell it, so if you

 do get busted one day, they cannot prove that you carded the other $100,000

 worth of goods that has been done in the past few months. Dont use the same

 area all the time, this just exemplifies the problem.