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Amazon UK - How to Ship to Collect


1.Basic (Orders below 800 £ / $ - Issuing a refund / reship.

2.Advanced (Orders above 800 £ / $ - Issuing a refund / reship.

3.Refunding an order into a gift card balance.

4.How to double / triple dip.

5.How to get a replacement shipped to a Collect+ address

6.How to crush Amazon investigations.

7.How to dodge getting blacklisted for reships.

8.How to secure hacked accounts.

So what exactly is Amazon refunding / reshipping?


There's one main definition for amazon refunding / reshipping and that is simply applying proven SE methods with Amazon in order to get them to either refund or send a replacement for an order you've placed previously. These methods can also be used in conjunction with hacked accounts to reship items which the account owner has previously ordered directly to your drop.

1. Basic (Orders below 800 £ / $ - Issuing a refund / reship.

This is the easiest of the methods found in this guide and is a lot easier than you think. Here you have two options:

Option 1.

Order less than 800 $ / £ ? Great! It's super easy to get Amazon to issue a refund / reship for items up to this value.

Steps for Option 1;

1.Log into the Amazon account.

2.Click "Help" or navigate to this link

3.Scroll down and hover over "Need more help?" --> "Contact Us"

4.On the next page you'll see three options.

[1]"What can we help you with ?" --> Select the order you are looking to refund / reship.

[2] "Tell us more about your issue" Select an issue --> Select "Other order issues" [2a] "Select issue details" --> Select "Something else"

[3] How would you like to contact us? --> Select "Start chatting"

A chat window will open and a representative will greet you shortly after.

You may be asked to confirm the "order number" or the "name" which is registerd to the account so

just comply with any requests the representative mat ask you (if you are using a hacked account, have this information handy). If any questions were asked, the rep will then proceed to ask you "What the problem is". This is where your SE skills will come into play. There isn't really any magical excuse required for refunds / reships of this value, here's one I have personally used over and over again;

My item arrived as an empty box?

This is a classic example of typical excuses used to SE Amazon for refunds / reships and yes it STILL works today. If the order you are refunding / reshipping was placed within the last month then you can simply say that you've opened the box and to your surprise it was empty and contained nothing but an order invoice. If this excuse is used, the representative will most likely ask you if the "box was damaged or tampered with", of course you should say no, usually I then proceed to tell the representative that the item in question is a birthday gift for a relative and that you're deeply disappointed at the service you've been provided with as you're a "long term customer" <--- It's paramount that you mention that you're a long term customer, play on it and have fun with it. Make the Amazon rep feel sorry for YOU. You'll most likely receive all the apologies under the sun and after all they are obliged to their customers and making sure you're satisfied is important to them. They should offer a refund / reship for you 95% of the time . (If the order was placed before January 2014 you may run into some difficulties and your case will be forwarded for investigation but there's information further into this guide on how to get out og the investigation stage).

2.Advanced (Orders above 800 £ / $ - Issuing a refund / reship.

Believe it or not this is actually a lot easier than thos who are experienced in this game make it out to be.

Repeat the steps as shown above but when it comes to selecting "Start chatting", click "Call us" instead.

Insert a phone number (any will do) and it doesn't have to be registered to the account. Then proceed to call the number displayed on screen.


Once your call is connected, you will hear "Hello and thank you for calling Amazon my name is .....

how can I help you today?". Take note of the name of the rep and terminate the call. You should now go back to the screen where you pressed "Call us" and then hit "Start chatting"

Feel free to use the following words once connected to the chat, or mix it up and put your own spin on the following:

"Hello, I was just holding a telephone call with one of your colleagues called (name of rep) and he / she was just about to issue a refund / reship (whichever you prefer) for my order but we were unfortunately disconnected and I'm unable to reach the number provided. Please could you continue the process here? As I mentioned on the phone I received an empty box / item never arrived blah blah"

The rep you are chatting with will then ask you to hold whilst they "look into this for you" (they will be checking the call records to verify that you did call and speak to the rep you mentioned earlier). Don't worry they won't be able to see that your call only lasted a whole 3 seconds :). They may then proceed to ask you some questions about the order / account but they will proceed to offer a refund / reship shortly after. Remember, make them feel sorry for YOU. After all, you've done nothing wrong ;)

Extra tips: Keep calm, don't panic, be civil and polite but act disappointed and embarrassed to be

taking time our of your "busy schedule" to contact a company who which you put your trust in on a regular basis.

3. Refunding an order into a gift card balance.

This method is recommended for hacked accounts only.

Simply follow these steps to have an order refunded to a gift card balance.

1.Follow the previous steps above and get yourself into the chat with an Amazon rep and up to the stage where you're offered a refund / reship.

2.When the rep offers a refund / reship, proceed to ask them for a refund, but tell them that "I have a request, I'm currently unable to take a refund to the payment card originally used to pay for the order"

3.Usually they'll reply something like "We are unable to process refunds to anywhere other than the card used to pay for your order).

4.Simply reply with the following or something similar; "As I've recently lost my card and had to request a new one for fraud purposes so the card information linked to my account is no longer valid". Also mention that "I'm a long term Amazon customer and I've never had any issues up until now".

4. How to double / triple dip. 

Now this is probably easier than the original refund / reship as you already know what to say. When your replacement arrives just repeat the steps from 1. and mention to the rep that your replacement either never arrived or arrived empty again (this is easier because they don't have the ability to track replacements). You can also mention that you were on the phone and was promised a replacement before you were disconnected. As long as you stick with it and continue to play the victim, the rep will eventually offer a reship for the item you've already refunded / reshipped.

5. How to get a replacement shipped to a Collect+ address 

For the convenience of my customers I've included an exclusive video tutorial with this guide showing a live example of a chat log between myself and an Amazron rep issuing a reshipment from a hacked account to a Collect+ address in the UK for a Sony Playstation 4. Simply follow the video guide and you'll be all sorted :)

When the Collect+ shipment arrives you are required to take ID to collect the parcel.

The Collect+ website states that you can use a utility bill to collect items, so simply purchase a template from us or another vendor with the name matching the name on the Amazon account, print off the template and take it along to the store to collect your reshipped item once it arrives.

6. How to crush Amazon investigations. 

This is a rare occurance for orders below 800 £ / $ but when it does happen you should follow the steps below.

If you're in a chat with an Amazon rep and they mention anything about forwarding the order onto their investigation team then you should exit the chat and continue your business in a fresh chat with a different rep. If you are in any case unfortunate to have an order placed into investigation

there's a couple of "excuses" to crush the investigation before it properly commences.

Here's one of them;

Call Amazon and tell them that you believe your account may of been compromised and you've noticed some activity on a preious order (Amazon will tell you that they've launched an investigation to which you should reply that you've now secured the account and no longer require further assistance and that the investigation doesn't need to continue. Answer their questions if they ask any and mention that you did receive your item(s). << I've used this a good few times and it's always worked 100%.

7.How to dodge getting blacklisted for reships. 

If you're limited to the amount of drops you have then you'll probably get blacklisted sooner or later from doing countless amounts of reships to the same address. This is easily overcome by making minor changes to your drop address when adding it to an Amazon account. For example if this was your original drop address:

Flat 10, Test House

Test Street



You should change it to:

10, Test House

Test Street




10 Test House

Test St



I recommend making minor changes to the way your drop addresses look for every 3 - 5 reships. Or if you're feeling ambitious you can simply call Amazon and tell them that you've recently moved into the address and you've been notified that the previous tenants / owners have blacklisted the property (this will have the blacklist removed within a 24 hours).

8.How to secure hacked accounts. 

I'll keep this part of the guide simple and straight to the point. Just follow these steps (you should already have access to a hacked account before beginning). We do offer various hacked Amazon accounts with orders which are eligible to be "replaced / reshipped" to your drops. Accounts will be priced based on a flat % of the item within the account (we usually target items worth £150 / $150+

Here's how you'll receive an account from us;

+-----Courvoisier Amazon UK Account-----+


Password: qwerty1234

Postcode: PO5 7TC

Order number of item to replace: 123456-789456

Item to replace: Sony Playstation 4

Price of item to replace: £349.99


Description of information included:

Email - The email address of the Amazon account which will be used to login.

Password - Password matching the email address of the Amazon account which will be used to login.

Postcode - To be used if you hit the "security page" when logging in which asks for the postcode registered to the account.

Order number of item to replace - To be used in conjunction with the replacement / reshipping process.

Item to replace - Reference to the item you'll be replacing / reshipping.

Price of item to replace - Reference to the item you'll be replacing / reshipping.

So if you purchase an account from us or if you have already gained access to a hacked account you should do the following:

1.Log into the account and head over to the "Your Account" section.

2.Click "Change Name, E-mail Address, or Password"

3.You should change the email address TWICE and the password TWICE. Make sure that the email you change it to looks similar to the email address which is already registered to the account. Here's an example of what the email adress of an Amazon account could look like: should change it to something like:

5.You should then CREATE a new e-mail address similar to the one above and then change the e- mail once more on the Amazon account to the once you've recently created. This is done to ensure the account holder cannot recover or regain access to the account once you've processed the reship.

6.Change the password twice (take note of it incase you need to log back into the account thereafter.

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