How to Earn via Instagram

Today i'll consider the several methods where you can earn an average 3000$ per month. 

The objective of method is to wedging in instagram, namely in the advertising campaign.

Lets started with the correct setting up your device.

Well, at first you need to buy any cheap cellphone on Android in any pawnshop (~100$).

Set up root permissions, then install the Phone ID Changer, then xposed framework (needed for the stable and correct work of the Changer).

Install instagram from Google Play Market.

Enter the site or any same forum and buy brute-force account.

Login in yours instagram account then activate the advertising platform (Transfer your acc into corporate mode)Link Facebook (just buy a russian brute-force account).

Finish customizing it for youself. Then you have to choose the stuff which was be advertize.

Set yours budget! (I dont recommend setting the budget for one post more than 150$), click next - and go to Credit Card binding page.

What about the CC's, I recommend using the whole of Europe. Any debit cards with balance is shall be work.

Await verification is about 8-12 hours, sometimes quicker.

Convert traffic to financeDone!

How to growth the direction - choose yourself! 

You could roll it on prepayments, advertise your business or engage in arbitrage traffic. (Usually, accounts dont get banned, but in the future you couldn't be able to pay for advertising)